Adam having adam gay relationship. Adam is one of the around three, afterwards six main protagonists

From inside the “Ishibo,” the newest trio is grabbed by Akuma, and you may Adam ends up needing to challenge their finest warrior.

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Adam, having amazing power, defeats brand new warrior, and you will Akuma’s minions run away when you look at the scary. Akuma, towards Ishibo, demands Adam from inside the a combat. Adam scarcely victories given that Akuma falls the brand new Ishibo and falls out of the brand new floating piece of land. Just when Adam has reached to pick up the brand new Ishibo, three most other very-powered family arrive. It use the Ishibo and leave with regards to superpowers: sometimes rates, airline, otherwise telekinesis. Adopting the strange teens’ departure, Akuma’s minions been stampeding straight back. They call for let, together with Unusual Guy teleports them to good spaceship. They in the near future read that ship was bought out by an enthusiastic alien, in addition to have an excellent teleporter they may play with. It teleport by themselves and appearance in the a run-off theme park inhabited by Benjamin and you can Benjamini, whom love having fun. Kai solutions one of its tours, and aims it which have Benjamini, while you are Adam and you may Mira discover that the three almost every other babies plus came by the motif playground. Quickly, the latest journey catches burning, and you will starts collapsing.

Inside “Undead,” Kai finds out his pyrokinetic performance, using them to keep himself and you will Benjimini. The new members of the family, trying to acquire one other three infants, roam in the a good spooky city and are reacquainted together. Vanessa says the latest Strange Guy stole the fresh new Ishibo and banished them on the urban area. Creating an anxious truce abdlmatch Dating, Vanessa uses their female wiles for taking advantage of Kai’s visible infatuation together with her. Nearly losing so you can dying if you find yourself Vanessa tried to fly Kai for the the newest moonlight, Adam and you will Mira fall into a pit immediately after Kai inadvertently sets out-of an effective gravestone system throughout the a good zombie attack. Vanessa attempts to encourage Kai to join the girl party, when you find yourself Adam and you may Mira come across a strange old-man.

When you look at the “This new Riddle,” broke up regarding Kai plus the anyone else, Mira and you may Adam discover an old man below ground and should resolve their riddle.


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When Adam notice’s Dave glitch, he theorizes that they are all in a virtual business. Disbelieving this, Mira kisses Adam, and then he kindly, yet , awkwardly, rejects her affections. Locating the Ironwood Forest once more, she tosses him or her good point for the North Tundra. After Mira save’s a beneficial polar bear’s cub off drowning in frost, the new bear’s escort these to brand new Freeze Castle. Caution him or her its not secure, Adam and you will Mira promotion for the palace, and discovers Kai, Vanessa, Reeve, and you may Skeet frozen in the frost. Kai thaws himself out together with his efforts away from flame, and the three of these race a frost beast.

For the “Frost,” shortly after stressed new freeze monster, Adam, Kai and you can Mira weighing its solution to enhance the most other children. Up against Adam’s cautions, Kai thaws out the other around three kids, and you may Reeve uses their telekinetic powers to help you attack Adam off behind towards the Ishibo. Once they betray him or her, Mira and you can Kai, and a really wounded Adam, wind up stranded to the a little iceberg. Floating away on middle of one’s sea, Mira takes Adam to obtain land, leaving Kai on the thawing iceberg. Whenever a trio of whales place Kai, Mira happens on the rear from whale and you will rescues your. The 3 get to dry land, and you can Mira and you can Kai comprehend the whale glitch. Afterwards, the fresh new orbital shuttle off room comes crashing with the coastline and you may Adam’s concept that they’re in the a virtual fact games are affirmed by the Weird Kid which alerts her or him your bugs they have seen is a sign that game’s password is actually corrupted that will be towards the verge off crashing, and they must easily refrain the video game.

Inside the “Cocoon,” Mira, Kai, and you will Adam was pulled hostage of the a tribe from hybrid spider-somebody. Race against the time clock, Mira and Kai try to save your self Adam regarding perishing. Kai offers to alter the Spider Leader’s lost branches in return to have assistance. The fresh new Spider Leader spends their venom to help you heal Adam together with threesome avoid to the wilderness. The 3 family come upon the competitor cluster, and you may manage to recover the new Ishibo straight back.

Into the “Colrath,” given that electronic globe as much as him or her accidents, Adam, Mira and Kai get a hold of and you can dodge their old opponents under control to obtain the Ishibo and you may return it on the forest. Just after returning the Ishibo towards the Metal Tree, she makes it possible for enter into a neighborhood in which they should battle a beneficial dragon. Following dragon’s beat, it enter a portal from the strengthening which had been becoming guarded because of the dragon. Shortly after from the portal, it end up in a comparable area it were only available in, apart from the point that there’s an eco-friendly key. It drive they, and you will get off the overall game, waking up into the good VR contest in which he or she is welcomed of the brand new Unusual Guy (shown to-be the latest show’s server) and you may cheered by the real time audience for profitable the overall game, This new Hollow. not, once the rival people got its hop out, Kai notices exactly what seems to be a little glitch on the live-action Vanessa’s vision.