We would like to get patch within the GitHub system to improve our analysis operate, and our Q

In case you are facing an arrangement problem or something just isn’t working as you anticipated to end up being, be sure to use the ModSecurity customer’s mailing list

You’re above this is play a role in this task and appearance toward developing town around this newer form of ModSecurity. Areas of interest include: unique functionalities, solutions, bug report, assistance for inexperienced users, or whatever you happen to be ready to help with.

Please admire the programming style. Take requests range from numerous commits, thus incorporate one fix or one-piece of function per commit. Please don’t change something outside of the range of one’s target perform (for example. programming preferences in a function which you have passed away by). For further information on the coding design used in this project, please examine:

Very first range should give the features of your patch, 3rd and on render a detail by detail explanation/technical factual statements about their spot. Area explanation try important throughout review processes.

In your signal there are numerous stuff designated as TODO or FIXME that will require their attention. Check the range of things by executing a grep:

In addition to the manual evaluating, we strongly recommend one make use of the our regression tests and device examinations. If you have implemented an operator, do not forget to make unit tests for it. If you carry out anything else, it’s promoted you establish complimentary regression studies because of it.


The regression make sure device examination resources tend to be indigenous and never need any exterior tool or script, although you have to get the exam situation off their repositories, as they are distributed to various other versions of ModSecurity, those people repositories git submodules. To get the submodules repository and run the tools, stick to the instructions listed below:

Before begin the debugging techniques, make sure of where your insect try. The situation could possibly be in your connector or even in libmodsecurity. To determine where in actuality the insect was, it is strongly suggested that you develop a regression test that mimics the situation where the insect is going on. In the event the bug are reproducible with the regression-test electricity, this may be are much safer to debug and ensure which never ever occurs once more. On Linux it is recommended that people carrying out debugging utilize gdb and/or valgrind as needed.

Throughout the configuration/compilation opportunity, you might want to disable the compiler optimization making your own aˆ?back tracesaˆ? filled with understandable data. Utilize the CFLAGS to disable the compilation optimization variables:

Dilemmas on GitHub are welcomed, but we would rather posses individual ask questions on the subscriber list initially so you can attain an entire society. Also don’t forget to try to find established problem before available a fresh one.

If you are planning to start another concern on GitHub, do not forget to tell us the type of your libmodsecurity and the type of a certain connector when there is one.

Be sure to cannot making public any protection issue. Call us at: revealing the condition. When the issue is repaired your credit will be given.

Supplies explanative commit information

We’re prepared for speaking about any new feature request using the community via the mailing lists. You’ll alternativly, go ahead and start GitHub issues asking for additional features. Before opening a new issue, kindly check if there clearly was one already unwrapped on a single topic.

The libModSecurity design allows the integration with bindings. There clearly was an attempt in order to prevent breaking API [binary] being compatible to create a simple integration with feasible bindings. Presently, there have been two significant works maintained from the society: